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Dave Papworth

Vice Chairman

Dave Papworth

Martial arts Bio

I started martial arts in 1991 in Shukokai karate where I attained my brown belt.  I then achieved green belt with UKASKO/F (United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation/Federation). I also have experience in different Muay Thai gyms and Kickboxing gyms but remain ungraded in these.

​I joined the Bushido Zazen in 2010.
My current rank is 4th Dan Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, achieved in November 2022. I also hold the following grades: 2nd Dan Shotokan karate; 1st Dan Kobudo; Brown belt Jujitsu. I am honored to hold a Budo Dan grade.


I was voted in as Bushido Zazen vice chairman in 2023.

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