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About Bushido Za Zen

Bushido Za Zen is a martial arts organisation with clubs throughout the UK. Clubs belonging to Bushido Za Zen follow rigorous and professional grading syllabuses and instructor training. Bushido Za Zen also organise tournaments, events and an annual multi martial arts seminar / holiday for its members.

Bushido Za Zen is run via an elected committee. Please see the Contact page for details of the Executive committee and the email addresses they can be contacted on.

Join us

If you run a martial arts club and would like to become a member club of Bushido Zazen International Martial Arts Society, please contact Mark Holland by email.

If you would like to join one of our classes to learn or improve in a martial art, have a look at Classes. In this section you can look up the details of a club close to you and contact them directly to find out more.


Child Protection Policy

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