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Colin Martin


Colin Martin

Martial arts Bio

I started training in martial arts in 1988 and achieved my black belt in Atemi Jutsu in 1992 with Budo of Great Britain. I joined Bushido Zazen in 2008 after Budo of Great Britain folded in 2002 with the passing of Sensei Reg Bleakman in 2000. 


I currently hold the rank of 6th Dan in Atemi jutsu 2013. I am also graded Judo (2nd Dan 1996), Aikido (1st Dan 1999), Shotokan Karate (3rd Dan 2002), Iaido (2nd Dan 2010), Uechi Karate (2nd Dan 2018) and Kyusho instructor (2019)

I was voted in as Bushido Treasurer in 2023.

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